I’m partner in INKFISH. I’m the boss, the driver, the initiator, the sales person, the process developer, the creative director, the resources manager… and also problem solver. I always have a plan B, C, D, E, D… never run out! Bad cop, teacher, mom, straight forward and passionate about what we do and our team.

Neil and I live in a pocket of paradise in South Africa. I have a view of a small lake and the ocean in the distance. Across the road from us is a gang and drug riddled area and a few km’s further a rather large township. The have and have nots are sharing this extremely beautiful tip of Africa. It’s humbling and makes you appreciate what you have and even more importantly, it reminds you of the impact you can make.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever eaten, and why?
Chicken intestines in the old city of Manila, in the Philippines. It’s kind of crunchy and yummy, zig-zagged on a skewer, but the bottom part was squishy and a little bitter. Sasha has taken some classic pics of me eating it.

What’s the furthest you have been away from your place of birth? Describe how it was?
My trip to the Philippines with Sasha, then 11, was amazing. The whole experience of this great country with such friendly people, meeting so many of the team, the diverse landscapes and settings, the food, the nature – it was my once in a lifetime trip!

What would be your dream car?
My Fiat 500. I was raised in a car family so the car I drive means more to me than clothes or make up. The coolest car I had was an old series 3 short wheel based landy and I felt super driving that. It was so strong and tough! Sadly, Neil is not a mechanic and it was usually broken so I had to sell it.

What unusual place would you like to visit and why?
Neil and I dream about living and working on a yacht. This would open up the world of possibilities from remote islands to expensive fancy harbours, Greek islands and so on. We bank on the internet being available everywhere so we can just live on our boat and work remote.

 What is your best hidden talent?
According to my kids -and some Inkfishers perhaps as well – I seem to have the knack to just pick up that one-time somethings is not 100% right. I just stumble upon them by accident!

Pirates or ninjas? Or something else? Why?
The first house I had, in Bo-Kaap in Cape Town, was named the Pirateship. There was no movie yet however I felt pirates were just cool. The sea, the anarchy – and then they added Johnny Depp! Despite having two special ninjas in my life, I’m a pirate girl!