Suzan’s vast experience in branding, web design and marketing for small businesses and organisations has led to her defining clear strategies and principles that make sense when considering your investment in digital marketing. These 8 INKFISH principles are universal and timeless and can be applied to any business and any choice of technology.

Your dedicated marketing manager

Upon starting with INKFISH, you will be allocated a marketing manager dedicated to your business. They are your extra hands in getting your message out there and your brand visible.


You can opt to communicate with your Marketing Manager (MM) on WhatsApp, email, Zoom or our preferred project management tool Trello – or a combination of them depending on the message. You can give voice notes, written instructions or video messages – whichever is easiest for you. Your MM will ensure all of it happens and feeds back to you on timelines.

Phases and steps

When taking on a new account, there is so much to do and that can be done, however over the last 7 years we have established an order of events that will give us all a framework to work within and ensures a solid foundation. Building on that, the rolling out of the branding and content can start. Once that is in place, a further expansion of the content through different channels and depending on the type of business we can expand into the next level that may include a variety of options.


Did you work with virtual admins before? Got tired of telling them what to do? We will ensure to propose instead of ask and remind you of the marketing tasks we believe help your business to get out there.


All work done, account info such as passwords etc is available through the trello boards we set up for you and your marketing manager. Should we part ways, you will be given access to these boards and we simply leave. The only time where we cannot add passwords or other sensitive details due to GDPR reasons we will keep and provide them in a separate manner.

Hour tracking

We log all time from the marketing manager and at the start as well as on occasion, the hours of the experts in our team. You will be notified of the total amount of time we have been working on your account. Standard we do this 2 times during a month and at the end of each month. If you wish, you can request in-depth time logs to see how time was spent. Time logged is cross referenced with the team to ensure realistic and efficient amounts are used.

Internal training

Each marketing manager goes through a 3 month period of intense training and in total a 6 month period working under supervision of one of our experienced marketing managers. If a new technology is requested by a client, our team will share expertise to get things up to speed as soon as possible. Many training modalities available have been mastered by the marketing managers and can be viewed under their team profile. We continuously strive to stay on top of the current rapidly changing digital marketing world to support you and your company best.