How are hours logged?

INKFISH logs each tasks in hour tracking software that can be reviewed at any given time. Time spent by the team (finance, web, design and strategy) will be tracked here as well as time logged by the marketing manager. The task will be clearly described for reference. Standard tasks are logged according to best practice.

What if my MM does not use all hours?

Your marketing manager will propose various ideas on how to use any extra time available or spend this time sharing your content to social media groups and pages relevant to your business.

What if my MM goes over the hours?

We inform you in time of the likelihood of this happening and discuss which projects could be passed to the next month or have a few less activities in the following months. If the hour spend is consistently higher than the package allows for, we will suggest to increase your package to the next level.

Do you report the results?

At the end of every month a report is provided with an overview of tasks done, social media followers, Google Analytics and web traffic. However, a lot of digital marketing is often very hard to measure and would result in enquiries and other ways in which potential clients can approach you.

How do I know if it works?

Marketing is per definition never an exact science. However there are a good few indicators we report on and of course your enquiries and sales. For example, if your competition decides to spend 5x as much marketing budget to marketing the same product or service, it would require a different approach to ensure you receive sales or leads. Business owners who provide information and feedback for the MM to work with also tend to achieve more results. Lastly, it simply depends on the market as well… If the product is not right, marketing won’t sell it either. We can however do market research and find out how to reposition your product or service.

Why are we different?

We are not a marketing consultant who will explain you what to do and then leave you to do it all yourself to figure out while you have already so much on your plate. By working in a team, instead of alone, we share all resources to really make your brand shine and our time to be as efficient as possible.