How to get the best return on investment from working with INKFISH?

1 Provide approved writing or other instructions. Communication and doing changes is far more time consuming than anyone always anticipates.

2 Less is more. Newsletters with simple content and one focus article are receiving more hits and clicks than those with a lot of different articles.

3 Clear call to action. Even though “hard sell” may not feel comfortable to you, if you don’t ask you don’t get and we have the stats to prove it.

4 Facebook business pages are not sharing content to personal timelines anymore (or hardly ever). So posting on your own page, is a waste of time. However, sharing posts to OTHER pages (your own personal one, or groups in the area or with a like-minded audience) are much more beneficial.

5 Work together in a campaign with businesses with a similar target market yet different product, to broaden your audience instead of “preaching to the converted” only.

6 Let us know what’s happening ahead of time, so we can create content from it and share out. You have unexpected ambassadors who may not have money, but pay in kindness by sharing your info. In fact, anyone who says thank you or says you are doing a great job; tell them please share on the internet (whichever way).

7 Testimonials go a very very long way. Interview people who have received your services, take pictures, let us share the content.

8 Put everything on the website, and share FROM the website. Google ranking only counts if info is on the site, not anywhere else.