Are you interested in some healthy body, healthy mind opportunities? This month of June 2021, you can stand a chance of winning 1 of 7 mind-blowing experiences. Our holistic and business coaches, as well as a much-loved beverage brand have come together and drawn up a list of prizes that we would like to give 7 lucky winners. Fill in the form below to enter before the 30th June.


  Prizes up for grabs, in no particular order:


Cristina Vignato – Akashic Records Master and transformational guide

Cristina Vignato is an accredited holistic counsellor and an explorer of the soul. You could win an hour long Akashic reading, where she will delve into the Akashic plane to receive a flow of information. This reading allows for an expansion of consciousness to break through so karmic healings can take place. She will help to reconnect you to the ancestral forces and understand your limiting thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, and fears, allowing you to become liberated.


Tanya Lochner – Intuitive Business & Soul Success Strategist

You could win a 60-minute Intuitive Business Coaching & Human Design Reading session with Tanya, where she will guide you in mapping out a business future that aligns with your soul work.

She is known to assist online transformational coaches, visionary leaders, and social entrepreneurs to unlock extraordinary growth in their business and life.

Sagittarius Way – A one stop place for animal healing and communication

For our animal lovers, Sagittarius Way will be offering a 30-minute animal communication session. We believe that the healthy minds of our animals are just as important as our own. During this session, the intuitive Renée will communicate with your animal through pictures, words, feelings, and energy. She will check in with your animal to find out what is going on, how they are feeling, and what they want you to know. This all results in you and your pet developing a deeper connection, and shifting into peace and clarity.


Sinéad O’Neill – Empathetic life and business coach

Win 3 one-hour coaching sessions, where you will be helped to find out what really matters to you, as well as identify your values and what you actually want from your life.
Sinéad believes that life coaching offers a number of mechanisms to help deal with the obstacles that are holding us back or getting in the way of our success.

INKFISH digital marketing – Consistently creating impact online

Visual elements of your brand can convey messages that you’re not aware of. Your own preference can unknowingly send a message out to the world that might not be in line with your strategy, your offering or appeal to your target market.
This prize is only available to a company that has an existing brand. You will get an analysis of your brand elements, such as website logo, brochure etc. to help you become aware of the unspoken, but universally unconsciously received messages that your fonts, colours, layout, and other aspects of your brand are putting out there.
You will have a 60-minute zoom call with Suzan McCreadie where the conclusions of the audit will be explained.

Devorah Spilman – Writing mentor and storyteller

Stand a chance to receive a 5 Step Soul Creation session with Devorah. Deborah will work with you to find and create your soul story, this will help you understand the different steps of development in the creative process.
Devorah Spilman is a creative professional with vast experience and is committed to helping her clients find and write their soul story.


Rooibos Rocks – Sustainable and much-loved rooibos brand

The Rooibos Tea Tasting Kit with an exclusive Rooibos Rocks mug is up for grabs! The kit includes 4×40 count boxes of tea including Original ruby, red Natural Rooibos, fragrant Green Rooibos, spicy Chai Rooibos and Mountain Honeybush. The perfect hydrating alternative to coffee, these teas are 100% organic and are sugar-free, caffeine free and jam packed with immune boosting antioxidants. This giveaway is valid for US customers ONLY. 

The promotion will run from the 1st to the 30th of June and you can enter by filling in your details in the form above and subscribe to newsletters of the above-mentioned companies. The winners will be announced on July the 14th on our Facebook page and contacted via email.

See T’s & C’s here.