INKFISH PRINCIPLES: content marketing

Content is king! The MESSAGE is THE content – not the method or way it is presented to your audience. Forget about the platform and focus on a strong message first.

I am going to explain to you why content is so important and how we are building it up. Content is any kind of information. It can be written, spoken, or just be a visual. It can be a testimonial, a story, a product, a report, or a description. Just think of any type of information, don’t think of it as a particular shape or form, as in a story, or a blog, or something that’s restricting that information. Information can take many shapes. We focus on putting any type of content onto the website first, no matter what it is, we believe it should be sitting on your website. The reason for that is Google loves action on the website, so changes, making it bigger, Google will index your site higher for action. Google also loves backlinks, and that includes links from your website, to other pages on your website, as well as to outside. Google actually rewards you for being nice to other people. Google loves keyword rich, original content. Without going into too much detail, don’t copy things exactly, even though some copies are still better than nothing as long as you bring it with a backlink and an introduction.

Once people actually start reading content on your site, you can guide them to other leveling up of your visitors. So you can offer them to subscribe to a newsletter, to buy something or get in touch with you. All this content is loaded now, but in four or five years time it can still be found. How often are you not googling something, and you can see that some bit of information was actually loaded years ago. It can still lead to interesting inquiries for your product or service.

How do we build up this content? This can be anything, for now think of it as a Word doc, and in that word doc is the main content, the juicy part, the main information of what you’re focusing on in this particular piece of information. You will be in writing an enticing introduction that doesn’t give away the main pieces, but already refers to it as being potentially interesting for the reader. You end up with a call to action, where you refer back to another page, an upsell to a product, sometimes another company in other ways you also asked them to do something: Call us now, email is now, ask us for information, or come join this event.

The blog headline contains a lot of key words, it gives away pretty much a summary of what the the main content is about. Then we’re going to the part that is actually mostly targeted towards real people. People don’t really read – mostly. So the image is what grabs their attention. A nice image at the top of your blog is always key and very important. We recommend you add your logo to it, so that when these images start traveling through channels, its branded.

Lastly, most importantly, there is an image headline that evokes a response from a human to click on that and continue reading the rest of the main content. Often it is specific, and in some cases it can contain a question as well, where the question answer sequence between the image headline and the blog headline work together. We will repeat all of this again in our content module, and we will go into deeper detail for all of these, for now, this is good enough if you understand the main principle of how we build up content.