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The difference between an educated marketing person and a business owner, is the business owner always aims to address as many people as possible, fearing they may miss an opportunity and leave someone out. The golden truth in marketing is and has been for years, long before the internet already, to be as specific as […]

INKFISH PRINCIPLES: content marketing

Content is king! The MESSAGE is THE content – not the method or way it is presented to your audience. Forget about the platform and focus on a strong message first. I am going to explain to you why content is so important and how we are building it up. Content is any kind of […]


Consistency is not just about the use of the right logo and brand colours, it’s about everything and anything related to your company. Consistency requires discipline, but it’s well rewarded. It creates brand awareness and sets your brand apart. It separates the one-man-DIY-band from the company that takes itself seriously. The least valued aspect of […]