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INKFISH PRINCIPLES: building agile

It used to be, that building a website was like building a proverbial castle. You built everything first – and only went live when your website was perfect. Not anymore. Now, it’s about presence. Start, add, change, expand and improve all the time – your website’s evolution matches your businesses evolution, your availability and improves […]


The difference between an educated marketing person and a business owner, is the business owner always aims to address as many people as possible, fearing they may miss an opportunity and leave someone out. The golden truth in marketing is and has been for years, long before the internet already, to be as specific as […]

INKFISH PRINCIPLES: hierarchy of value

Is everybody worth your investment? Who is more likely to become a paying customer? Frazzled by social media marketing telling us to run in 20 different directions at the same time, keep this overview in mind while making your strategic decisions. So in the INKFISH Principles, we will explain the basics of the INKFISH methodology. […]

INKFISH PRINCIPLES: don’t make me think

Don’t make me think is an iconic book by Steve Krug and holds so many truths it is probably never going to date. The principle does not only apply to web development but also to signage, packaging, brochures, posters and basically any visual communication. It requires your being able to stand on the side of the […]