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Find out why people might not be clicking to purchase your great products

Setting up a new business is both a terrifying and exciting journey, and setting up a store online is no exception. With an internet that’s bursting at the seams with all sorts of fabulous products and distractions, it can be very difficult to make your product stand out if you aren’t clued up on what […]

How to maximise all the experience and girl power available to your brand now!

1 PROVIDE APPROVED WRITING OR OTHER INSTRUCTIONS. Communication and doing changes is far more time consuming than anyone always anticipates. 2 LESS IS MORE Newsletters with simple content and one focus article are receiving more hits and clicks than those with a lot of different articles. 3 CLEAR CALL TO ACTION. Even though “hard sell” […]

Tentacle truths about the 8 footed freak

Assuming it’s no secret that octopuses can change the colour, texture and patterning of their skin. There are still some hidden facts unbeknownst to us normal beings that are quite interesting indeed. While these creatures are known to have eight legs all 300 species of them, tentacle’s or whatever tickles your fancy there are some […]

8 tips to build a luxury brand identity that will attract users

If there is one thing a luxury brand can count on, it’s customer loyalty. Industries compete to produce high-quality, exclusive products that target a niche group of people who know what they like and who stick to what they know. The key isn’t just about maintaining the market through continued excellence in performance, but about […]