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INKFISH PRINCIPLES: hierarchy of value

Is everybody worth your investment? Who is more likely to become a paying customer? Frazzled by social media marketing telling us to run in 20 different directions at the same time, keep this overview in mind while making your strategic decisions. So in the INKFISH Principles, we will explain the basics of the INKFISH methodology. […]

INKFISH PRINCIPLES: content marketing

Content is king! The MESSAGE is THE content – not the method or way it is presented to your audience. Forget about the platform and focus on a strong message first. I am going to explain to you why content is so important and how we are building it up. Content is any kind of […]


Often confused as being the name for content, main channels are just that: an outlet, a way to get the message to your audience. Don’t spend your precious time listening to each social media channel, demanding you spend energy making their platform look good instead of your own website. Remember you do not own your […]