INKFISH PRINCIPLES: building agile

It used to be, that building a website was like building a proverbial castle. You built everything first – and only went live when your website was perfect. Not anymore. Now, it’s about presence. Start, add, change, expand and improve all the time – your website’s evolution matches your businesses evolution, your availability and improves your Google ranking.

The the most important aspect about building agile is to avoid trying to create a website that is 20 pages, needs to be written, approved, designed, tweaked, and created over a timespan of often half a year up to two years, and delays the further marketing effort entirely. We aim to get a small company online as soon as possible. And that is, for instance, with a splash page that just contains your details and a short introduction. If there is a logo available, we add it on, if not, we do it without. This simple page allows you to be able to confidently hand out business cards, send emails from your new email address, or anything else that includes your web address.

The next thing we would add on are services, a contact page whereby the splash page typically moves to become a contact page, and a homepage. This is a small website that already gives more information and allows you to confidently start marketing. Consistently adding onto the website is something that Google sees as a very positive move as well. And therefore, Google ranks websites higher that are built over time. What clients should keep in mind is that at any given point in time, we can tweak, add, change, adjust, update any part of the website. We are very much conditioned to believe that everything should be perfect, and a hundred percent right before we even start engaging with our target market. The reality is, we don’t have that time. So just a simple site, with things that are good enough, allows you to start bringing in income based on the fact that the website is out there. So we continue with you on this journey to improve and expand.

A service page can become an overview page with separate pages underneath it, zooming into the specific services so that you can start marketing into a niche. We can add an About page to explain more about who you are and what your company vision is. Continuing on from that, you can start adding blog posts that you can start sharing with the world on social media and in newsletters. This is just a very simple schematic way in which we would tackle a website. Obviously, each website is different and each situation is different. But the core principle is to not overthink the first steps and consistently keep adding, changing, tweaking, and building, which is perfectly suited to the retainer style INKFISH offers. This is the best for SEO, is the most flexible for you in terms of working with your company to always reflect the latest innovations, the newest services, the best to add specials etc. A website is a living, moving, breathing thing that is a reflection of your business. And there’s hardly any business that is completely static. So this is why we build agile.