The difference between an educated marketing person and a business owner, is the business owner always aims to address as many people as possible, fearing they may miss an opportunity and leave someone out. The golden truth in marketing is and has been for years, long before the internet already, to be as specific as possible – the response will be so much higher!

The next one is Be Specific. And it is also referred to as the 20 Tennis Ball principle. So don’t throw everything at everybody. They say, if you throw 20 tennis balls at someone, they will catch none. If you throw them one, they’ll catch it. So be specific, and only focus on one of your services or products. If this is all of them and it’s still way too much, focus on one of your target markets, because if you’re trying to talk to all three of them, you’re confusing the message. What you should do is speak to one specific target market, like just digital nomads, and you tell them you’ve got great coffee, and free WiFi. That’s what they need. Or you talk to the frazzled moms, and you offer them apple pie and hot chocolate. That’s what they crave. Or you speak to your conscious consumers and you let them know you don’t have plastic straws and you’re using organic eggs. Those are the messages that people will remember. Because if you say them all, the messages will all get lost.