Melba joined INKFISH in the last quarter of 2012 as one of the virtual admins of the studio. Her main task was to populate Joomla and WordPress websites. Being introduced to complex systems and without being overwhelmed, she had a handle on them quickly. Melba has become a key member of the admin team, while being a full time mom of two young children!


  • High school math teacher at Immaculada Conception School
  • QC inspector at Nitto Denko
  • Process executive at Infosys BPO
  • Marketing manager
  • Course development digital marketing course
  • Tutor digital marketing course
  • Marketing manager team manager at INKFISH digital marketing
  • Web & content team manager at INKFISH digital marketing
  • Web administrator at INKFISH digital marketing


  • Website CMS systems: WordPress, WordPress Gravity forms, Shopify, Joomla
  • Email newsletter platforms: MailChimp
  • Social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, Quora, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google My Business
  • Virtual collaboration platforms: Trello, Flock, Slack, Dropbox, Google forms, Google docs, Google drive, Google sheets, Zoom
  • Online marketplaces: Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree
  • Microsoft Office software: Excel, Word; One Note; PowerPoint; Outlook, OpenOffice, Otter
  • Creative software: Canva, Gimp, Grammarly
  • Email application: Mozilla Thunderbird



What is your best hidden talent?
I’m superb in multi-tasking, my husband is always amazed how I do things all of the same time. It’s like juggling three balls with my one hand while dancing. Well that’s what he thinks. 🙂

What unusual place would you like to visit and why?
Slummed areas in The Philippines. I’ve always wondered what’s the people’s way of life here and to know why they choose to live in such places and not to the relocation sites government is offering.

Do you eat enough vegetables? Details!
If you ask me this 10 years ago I would say not much, but as a mom today, I try to eat them all to show good example to my kids and okra is the latest on my list. 🙂