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I joined INKFISH in May 2020, I love being part of the digital marketing space while working remotely with a great team. I really enjoy working directly with clients while grasping their vision for their business and their business needs and putting it into action and seeing the final product with a happy client as a result.

Nationality: South African
Place of residence: A globe trotter, but usually South Africa or Ireland
With INKFISH since: May 2020



  • Personal Assistant / Administrator
  • Account Admin INKFISH digital marketing
  • Marketing manager INKFISH digital marketing


  • Website CMS systems: WordPress
  • Social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Virtual collaboration platforms: Trello, Flock, Dropbox
  • Online marketplaces: Takealot, Gumtree
  • Microsoft Office software: Excel, Word, Outlook



What unusual place would you like to visit and why?

I would love to visit Japan and Vietnam, I can’t say they are unusual places but certainly quite different to where I have been before. From what I have seen they have some breathtaking sights and I would love to go take them all in.

If you had to have a cow or a pig, which would you take? Why?

Hand’s down a cow! I absolutely love milk and I could drink it by the litre everyday if I allowed myself to.

City or nature person? Why?

Most definitely a nature person! I love the outdoors, fresh air and beautiful scenery it is food for the soul. I way prefer that over traffic and skyscrapers.