INKFISH is a 100% remote company, with our team located in Ireland, South Africa and The Philippines.
Our client base is equally international, with clients in Ireland, The Netherlands, Israel, South Africa, Canada and the USA.

Take a deep dive into the INKFISH history…

Suzan McCreadie becomes DC for BNI South Ireland.
2019 McCreadies move to Waterford, Ireland. INKFISH Ireland founded.
2015 Suzan and Sasha meet team members in The Phillipines.
2014 First digital marketing clients sign retainers, INKFISH now 100% remote working.
2013 Family moves to Imhoffs Gift.
2012 Now 7 people, the company moves to Kalk Bay office space.
2007 First virtual team members join from The Phillipines.
2006 Move to Fish Hoek where Victor is born and company renames to INKFISH.
2005 The first apprentices join the company, Dutch as well as South African.
2004 Sasha is born and Neil joins INKFISH working from their Bo-Kaap home.
2002 Neil and Suzan marry on the beach of Misty Cliffs.
2001 Suzan is freelancing under the name oneword design.
2000 MATCH! closes doors and Neil moves in with Suzan.
1999 Neil trains in HTML to become web designer and Suzan moves to Bo-Kaap, Cape Town.
1998 Around October, Neil McCreadie joins MATCH! as junior designer and finished artist.
1998 Around April, MATCH! is founded, Suzans’ first company with a South African partner.
1997 Suzan arrives from The Netherlands for the first time in South Africa end March