8 Unique Ways Our Clients Changed to Online Trading During Lockdown

The beginning of 2020 saw the world take a drastic turn and the option of having face-to-face contact with your customers was no longer available. Companies took this time to readjust, to look towards a more online-based future and to develop their presence within their clientele.


Our clients at INKFISH have successfully transitioned from a physical office, shop, and workspace. To develop a successful online presence during lockdown, they have had to readjust some of their products and the way that they have done things traditionally throughout the years, as well as focus more on growth and assisting within their communities.

1) How Webinars connect you with your existing clients

Peter O’Connor & Son is one of the leading law firms in the southeast of Ireland, and for many years has provided a full range of legal services to their clients. They developed a webinar that addressed the employment law in consideration of Covid-19. It was designed to help their client base, employers and employees navigate any potential employment problems by giving them the relevant legislation and practical tips and solution through a Zoom conference call, that was later permanently added to their website.

2) How to turn your physical store into an online experience

One would always assume that Perfume is a physical experience. You have to go into a shop and try on an array of scents, walking out with one that seemingly embodies who you are. Our client, Perfume Power has changed this. Instead, we created an online platform with workshops and information that unveil the mystery surrounding perfume. They have created an environment where you can experience perfume in a more personalized manner. Finding something unique to you.

3) Creating a community relief effort

Supporting the vulnerable community throughout lockdown has been one of Coffee Capsule Direct’s main goals. This has been achieved by partnering with Boost Africa Foundation. Coffee Capsule Direct has been able to donate a portion of its overall sales to create emergency food parcels which help support communities in need. The parcels consist of staple foods that can feed an entire family for one month.

4) Expanding your brand to combat Covid-19 with masks

Adapting their well-known product range, African Baby Carrier have been making and supplying masks during lockdown. This ensures that they can care for moms and babies while still keeping their traditional style and approach.

5) Educating your client base from the safety of your home

Step Right Foot Clinic has taken the approach of online guides that are fully accessible on their websites. From home spas to how to repair nails, they have posted continuously and regularly, allowing for them to have a constant presence in their client’s homes.

6) How an online trading shop can change the nature of business

Being able to take your client through the process of drawing a plan, supplying materials and building a personalized shed has enabled Suir Roofing the opportunity to expand their business throughout lockdown. Servicing their clients through more processes than only supplying building materials and deliveries.

7) Open days are safe if they are held virtually

Businesses have relied heavily on connecting with customers through online platforms during lockdown. Africa Skills launched its first Virtual Open Day. Allowing for potential students to view the campus from the safety of their homes and develop a deeper understanding of the Artisan trades that are on offer.

8) How Zoom can develop a deeper connection between supplier and client – one on one time

Dawn O’Brien is a counsellor and psychotherapist based in Waterford, Ireland. She has embraced the lockdown and social distancing rules, by letting her clients book Zoom sessions with her and allowing for one-on-one interaction in the comfort of their homes with little to distract them.

Being under lockdown does not have to stop you from achieving your business goals. Instead, it can be used as a time to plan new ideas and develop in sectors that you had not considered before. Contact us to find out how we can build your online presence and incorporate all your new ideas.